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We specialize in growing rare
Martagons Lilies, Crocuses, Galanthuses and Colchicums.

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Exclusive and
Rare Bulbs

100% Environmentally Friendly

At the moment we have over 900 different species in our nursery. We are only using organic materials.

  • Spring and fall flowering Crocuses

  • Dry growing Colchicums

  • Various species of Galanthuses

  • Exclusive lilies and Martagons Lilies

  • Advice about the right bulbs for your garden

  • Shipping worldwide, regulations may apply

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Species We Offer

Martagons lilies

Martagons Lilies

The Martagon Lily, Lilium martagon or Turk's cap lily, is a Eurasian species of lily. It can be found from Mongolia, extending west through Asia and Europe to Portugal.



Crocus is part of the iris family comprising 90 species of perennials growing from corms. Many are cultivated for their flowers appearing in autumn, winter, or spring.



Galanthus, or snowdrop, have a single small white drooping bell-shaped flower with six petal-like tepals in two circles. The smaller inner petals have green markings.



Colchicum flowers in late summer and early autumn. The flower of the Colchicum is very similar to the autumn crocus, but differs in the number of stamens.

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We Sell High-Quality
Organically Grown Bulbs

Located in the serenity of Poland

Oakhill Rare Bulbs is your online source for quality environmentally friendly grown rare bulbs. We search far and wide for the best of the new and classics.

  • Many Years Of Experience

    Starting in 2014, our small nursery has grown annually meeting the needs of gardeners throughout Europe.

    Oakhill Rare Bulbs began as a hobby nursery and has grown beyond my wildest dreams. Growing quality rare bulbs in an environmental friendly way has become our passion! We hope you will find exciting selections and join our family of customers!

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Wherever possible, we grow all our plants using "Organic" methods at our nursery. We don't use any pesticides to grow our plants. We strongly believe in using natural sources and not using unnatural methods.

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Questions About Our
Bulbs or Flowers?

With so many species available, we can imagine that you might have questions or need advice before you buy. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information or advice about any of our bulbs or about ordering in our webstore.

  • How to order our bulbs
  • What bulbs are right for your garden
  • Maintenance of your bulbs and flowers

We’re Specialized in Growing Rare Bulbs

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